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Photo &  Video Wedding Packages

We offer either Photography or a Film package for your Wedding Day, with different options.

Wedding Day Photography

This includes two photographers that will provide full coverage of your wedding day, starting with the preparations of the bride and groom, ceremony, portrait session and reception. Usually we are available until midnight making sure we have captured all the important moments of the reception. However, if you have a special moment planned for later in the evening, we will of course stay and capture that moment.
Generally we take around 6000-7000 pictures during a wedding. These are afterwards filtered and post-processed and in the end we will provide you with over 400 high-resolution photographs of your day that you will be able to download from our server.

Engagement Photography Session

We believe that the chemistry between the bride & groom and the photographers is very important. This is why getting to know each other before your wedding is ideal. And what better way to do this than through an engagement session – a fun, casual photo shoot of the two of you, in a place you both like?
The Engagement Session will be of around 3 hours and we will provide you with over 50 photos, all post-processed and in full-resolution, as well as an online slideshow.
The Engagement Session should take place a few weeks before the wedding as this will provide enough time for the post-processing of the photographs. If you choose, you can show your engagement slideshow to your guests on the wedding day, you can incorporate the photos on your wedding website or in your save-the-date invites.

Wedding Day Film

Similarly to the Photography Package this includes two cinematographers that will provide full coverage of your wedding day, starting with the preparations of the bride and groom, ceremony, portrait session and reception.
We will provide you with an 11-15 minute-long cinematically edited high quality film that fuses all the important moments of your wedding day depict your personalities in an artistic and intimate way. We will be shooting during your entire wedding day and the final film will be edited in such a way that hopefully you will want to watch it over and over again.

Engagement Film

Just like the Engagement Photo Session, the Engagement Film is an opportunity to know each other before your big day and will give us the chance to document your love story in a beautiful film.
We will provide a 1-2 minute-long film, artistically edited, in a style that best reflects your personalities and which you can share with your guests before or on your wedding day.

Interview Film

This is a 5-8 minute-long film meant to be shared with your family and friends. We absolutely love shooting this as it is a romantic and funny way to share your love story with everyone.
During the Interview Film, you will each answer a set of questions about you as a couple, without knowing what the other one has answered.

Save the Date Film

In the 1-2 minute-long Save the Date Film, you will address your family and friends with a short message, telling them why you decided to get married, describing how fun the wedding day will be and inviting them to be a part of it.